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Welcome to Metal Gear Solid News, where every Sunday, a newsletter is posted featuring links to news stories, downloads, images, communities, fiction, icons, etc., related to the Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Acid fandom. We also occasionally post news about Mr. Kojima's other works, as well as other pieces of news that may be of interest to the fanbase. If you have news or links to contribute to the newsletter, please comment on the most recent newsletter post.

Feel free to join or friend the community, and pimp it wherever you see fit.

All links are worksafe unless otherwise indicated (with a bold NSFW tag). This is determined mostly by whether the author/artist has labeled it such. MPAA- and ESRB-style ratings, where used, are the ratings assigned by the author/artist. Anything self-labeled as M, R, or NC-17 is automatically tagged NSFW. If you feel I have unjustifiably labeled something NSFW, or failed to label something I should have, please let me know in comments.

Same with spoiler warnings - I catch them where I can. If there is a game in the series you have not played - entirely understandable and forgivable - you may want to avoid links that mention them (or their characters) in the description. No spoilers for any game will appear in the newsletter itself. Currently, spoiler warnings are given for MGSPO, MGS4 speculation, and MGS4 trailers less than a month old.

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Last Days of FOXHOUND (comic)
Metal Gear Solid: The Unofficial site
Kojima Productions Report podcast

metal_gear: general Metal Gear Solid community
mgs_slash: Metal Gear Solid slash community
mgs_fic: Metal Gear Solid fanfiction community
mgs_art: Metal Gear Solid art community
mgscosplay: for Metal Gear Solid cosplayers
mgsicons: Metal Gear Solid icons community
cant_beat_rex: community for the Tactical Espionage Action impaired
mgs_crap: community for the insanity in Metal Gear Solid
metalgearstupid: more of the silly
metalgearsolid2: for fans of the series
snakeeater: for fans of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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